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Studies in Cross-Media Research

Media Logic(s) Revisited

Modelling the Interplay between Media Institutions, Media Technology and Societal Change

edited by Caja Thimm, Mario Anastasiadis, Jessica Einspänner-Pflock

This volume provides new approaches to the concept of media logics – developed by Altheide and Snow – by drawing on theoretical and empirical perspectives from international scientists working in the field of communications, media, political science, and sociology. In an increasingly digitized and globalized world, powerful media structures and technologies influence our daily lives in many respects. It is not only mass media but ‘poly media channels’ that become more and more contextualized in everyday lives. Therefore, it is necessary to revisit the theory of media logics, which focuses on the strong intercorrelation of media technologies, media institutions and media power. Media Logic(s) Revisited attends to this by critically reflecting on the idea of media logic, a much needed input in light of current developments and strong cultural embedding of media in various social contexts.

The editors of this volume

Prof. Dr. Caja Thimm

Dr. Mario Anastasiadis

Dr. Jessica Einspänner-Pflock

Year of publication
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Number of Pages
XV, 294
Number of Illustrations and Tables
18 b/w illustrations

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